Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder Product Review

Bushnell laser rangefinders are the #1 rangefinders in professional golf, with 97% of pros using Bushnell products. In this Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT review, we’ll take a closer look at this device. We’ll see where it excels, and where there’s room for improvement.

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The Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT is a great option used by golf pros worldwide. Bushnell have been in the business of making optical devices for around 65 years. Their golf laser rangefinders are usually among the top-rated models.

If you’re looking for a convenient and consistent laser rangefinder, the Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT should be on your shortlist. Its PinSeeker JOLT technology, coupled with its long-range and long-lasting battery, make it a personal favorite

In the next sections, we’ll explore the specifications and features of the highly rated V4 JOLT.

General Features

Being a Bushnell product, you can be assured of the product’s overall quality just from the brand. However, the brand reputation is not the only or main thing that sets the Tour V4 its place in the market.

Being made of high-quality material as per Bushnell standards, the Tour V4 is designed ergonomically with Bushnell’s patented Stabi-Grip technology (is it any good). The Tour V4 also features a unique elastic eye hook with multi-coated glass covering (what does that help me do?).


Size is not something most people care about, as most laser rangefinders are about the same size and weight. However, the Bushnell Tour V4 has a slightly smaller size (it’s 30% smaller which is significant) than its predecessor, the Tour V3, which gives it an advantage in terms of portability (there’s no portability advantage they are all portable).

The Tour V4 is one of the larger rangefinders (it isn’t). Its length is about 4 inches, with a width of 1.57 inches and a height of 3.11 inches. Weighing around 6.6 ounces, its lightweight is one of its key features.

Magnification Power
In terms of magnification power, the Tour V4 rangefinder has an average magnification power for its price (it’s good, not average). If you want more magnification power, you might want to go for one of the more advanced models, which you will have to break the bank for (not good).

The Tour V4 JOLT offers 5x magnification power. With an objective lens diameter of 21 mm and 4.8 mm exit pupil. It has a high range of 5-1000 yards, with a field of view of 368 ft at 1000 yards. (but the maximum range to the flag is around 400 yards)
Display find
The Bushnell Tour V4 provides you with a regular LCD display. It’s the standard display of most laser rangefinders.

This can be considered one of the Tour V4’s cons as it doesn’t offer a Bluetooth connection or a slope scope. The numbers on the display are also kind of small, with some users reporting it hard to read at times.

The JOLT technology is one of Bushnell’s trademark innovations and the Tour V4 surely comes equipped with it as well.

The JOLT works as its name suggests, it provides the golfer with short bursts, or jolts, or vibration as the target is located. This technology is even taken further in the Tour V4, but we’ll discuss this later in this article under the special features section.
The Tour V4 Laser Rangefinder comes with a standard rechargeable battery. There is nothing notable to say about its battery, just ye’ old AAs. (it doesn’t use AA’s)

These 3 Volt Cr2 Lithium batteries have a lifespan of about 1 year, after which you can easily find a replacement on Amazon or your local hardware store.

The main drawback of the Bushnell Tour V4 is that it doesn’t have a slope. This makes it hard for some users to correctly assess their distances but a lot of pro reviewers say that it doesn’t really matter. However recently, a newer Shift model of the Tour V4 was released with slope included. (that’s not a drawback and the option is available for the same model for more money)
Special Features
For a relatively cheap laser rangefinder (it’s not relatively cheap – it’s mid range) with no slope, the Bushnell Tour V4 comes with impressive specs that still give it some weight if you’re in the market for one (of course I’m in the market for one that’s why I’m reading this review). It’s lightweight, compact, and users praise its ease of set-up and use.

One of the great improvements the Tour V4 provides over cheaper models and its older counterparts is the great improvement in range and accuracy. (how great?)

The PinSeeker technology used with JOLT, coupled with the Bushnell Golf App, is what makes the Tour V4 an especially impressive laser rangefinder to improve your golf game. (not necessary – these features are described properly later)
Speed and Accuracy
Most golfers look for a reliable and fast rangefinder to help them assess their distances faster. Accuracy is one of the most important features when picking your rangefinder. And the Tour V4 provides just that.

The Tour V4’s accuracy is one of its most notable key features. Its fast focus system allows golfers to adjust the optic focus with their index finger. This makes adjusting sight clarity and target accuracy much easier for the user, giving it an impressive ranging accuracy of 1 yard.

The Tour V4 comes with a new focus ring, something the Tour V3 didn’t have. This allows for faster focus and gives greater incentive for an upgrade.

PinSeeker JOLT
Unlike the other models using JOLT technology, the Bushnell Tour V4 comes with a PinSeeker spec that helps you pinpoint the flag. The device jolts as the laser locks-on to the flag, making it easier for you to pinpoint your target and guide your drives.

Older models like the Tour V3 don’t utilize the JOLT technology in quite the same way, with their vibration starting on a larger range than the Tour V4. (not sure what that means – could you clarify)

This is one of the Tour V4’s key features, and user reviews note its major effect on the range of accuracy on the Tour V4. Users report calculations with up to 1-2 yards of accuracy. However, sometimes it takes 2-3 readings before you get absolutely accurate yardage.
Bushnell Golf App
The Bushnell Golf App, however, is another story. You receive free access to the app with the purchase of the rangefinder and it does not disappoint. In addition to granting you access to up to 36,000 courses, the App provides a great guide to various aspects of your course.

You get 3D flyovers with distances of front, center, back, and hazards, guiding you through the ins and out of your course. You also have access to hole-by-hole layouts of all the holes in your course.

Mix the information you gain from the app with your extra accurate readings from your Tour V4 Rangefinder, and you can shave off at least 2 strokes from your golf game.

(probably worth mentioning that you’ll need to take your mobile phone with you to use the app)

● PinSeeker JOLT technology.
● Bushnell Golf App.
● High Yardage Accuracy.
● The display is not large enough.

Extra Features
A frequent user-feedback for the Tour V4 is that it’s really easy to use. Its grip design makes it really easy to grip and control. However, if you don’t have steady hands, you might want to look into other models like the Bushnell Pro X2 or golf GPS.

The Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder is also water-resistant, which gives you the ability to play in light drizzle. But it’s not absolutely waterproof, so don’t be so confident around puddles or heavy rain.

The Tour V4 also comes with a 2-year warranty and replacement battery (it comes with a battery, not a replacement battery). A premium carry-case is also included in the purchase and user reviews are really positive for its convenience and easy attachment to golf bags.
The Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT is a great choice for amateur golfers who want to improve their game. It’s a great performer for its price range and offers great specifications that function quite nicely with its technology. (that needs work)

For a rangefinder without slope, it gives exceptionally accurate results with its innovative PinSeeker JOLT technology. Its incredible speed and pinpoint yardage give it a great advantage over other models in its price range.

If you have access to the Bushnell Golf App, and you mix that with the readings from your Tour V4 Rangefinder, you can shave off those pesky strokes off your golf game and impress your friends.

Its zipper case can clip on your golf bag which makes it easy to use and especially convenient.

We’re not telling you that the Tour V4 is the best laser rangefinder out there, but if you’re not willing to break the bank on a more expensive rangefinder, the Tour V4 just might be the perfect fit for you.