About Us

As a keen golfer and someone who loves to talk about golf, I often find myself discussing equipment, swing thoughts, strategy and other courses with my golfing buddies.

Having taken up the game 5 years ago as a total beginner, my route to become 18 handicapper (yep I’m still a hacker) included paying lumps of money to various golf pro’s. It also included upgrading my second hand set of clubs, which in the past had been both shortened and lengthened.

And naturally, there’s a wealth of stuff online to confuse me. I’ve watched Arron Oberholser, Hank Haney, Mark Crossfield et al till my eyes bled and my brain crumbled.

Mainly, I’ve improved by hitting a lot of balls at the range and playing a lot of golf.

Thats a Gimme was created as a place for others like me to find solutions to their golfing problems. Whether you’re a beginner trying to break 100, or an improver trying to break 90, there’s something here for you.

I also review the golf products that we all use, or are thinking about buying. Golf equipment is a high margin product range for manufacturers and not everything is worth the price tag if you’re on a budget.

There’s a default that expensive equals good and whilst that’s often the case, there are always lower price items with similar specifications and performance.

I recommend the products that I use myself or that I intend to purchase and have spent days researching. Simply put, I like products that offer value for money.

And this is particularly for beginners who love golf but are struggling. My worst ever recorded round was 171 (my best, on winter greens, was 71) and at times I’ve felt like giving up golf. Eventually, I won a competition at my club, beating 117 other golfers. Persevere, and you’ll find that at some point it clicks. It’s worth the effort.