Best Sunday Golf Bag: Our Top Picks for 2019

If you like to walk the course, play courses where carts are not available (sometimes seasonal), or like to play a quick 9 holes occasionally; a Sunday Golf bag is what you need. Here’s our thoughts to help you choose the right one:

Sunday Golf bags split into two categories, slim “pencil bags” and lightweight versions of full bags. My preference for anything other than the rage is for the lightweight full bag. They do tend to be a bit more expensive, but the reason for that is better build quality. In other words they last longer, so overall won’t need to be replaced as often. Don’t know about you but I hate paying for something only to find that it’s a bit too flimsy. The shoulder strap fixing is the key area in this regard.

So build quality is a primary factor, as is weight. The lighter the bag, the less energy we spend carrying it and the more we have to enjoy our round.  That inevitably points us towards the name providers and my top pick is the Sun Mountain Golf 2018 2.5+ Stand Bag. It is expensive though and a cheaper alternative is the Taylor Made Flextech Lite Stand Bag. Finally my pick for a pencil bag is the Olimar Pitch n Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag.

These are the top 3 Sunday Golf Bags for 2019:

Sun Mountain Golf 2019 2.5+ Stand Bag click to check current price on Amazon – perfect for Sunday Golf but also versatile enough to use daily. Expensive, but worth it.

Taylor Made Flextech Lite Stand Bag click to check current prices on Amazon – half the price of the Sun Mountain bag and twice the weight. Not as versatile but recommended for a budget purchase.

Knight Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag click to check current prices on Amazon – the lightest of the three bags (just) and a true Sunday golf bag with just 2 compartments. Affordable.

Why I Picked the Sun Mountain Golf 2019 2.5+ Stand Bag

When you compare this golf bag with the rest of the bags on the market, it’s a clear winner. Both of my regular playing partners have one and they love them. My research was based on a personal need for a new bag and this is the one that I chose.

  • It’s truly lightweight coming in at just 2.8 lbs, when you’re carrying a bag, that’s important – the cheaper Taylormade Flextech weighs in at 4.9 lbs.
  • It’s very high quality construction – the shoulder straps have been improved from the previous version. With any carry bag, this tends to be a point of weakness, but not with this bag
  • The 4 dividers are all full length – some cheaper bags only have a divider at the top which means that the club shafts get snagged up in the base of the bag.
  • Full featured – all the pockets and storage space you need.
  • Versatility – perfect as a Sunday bag and perfectly adequate as a bag for daily use too. My buddies use theirs for every round, wherever we go.
  • I haven’t found a negative review and that is very rare. I thought people might complain a little about the price. But when you get this level of value for money, nobody does. The only issue I’ve personally seen is with one of my playing partner’s bag. The wire/socket combo that work the stand legs was popping open. We fixed it with a little high strength adhesive and that cured the problem.
  • Oh yeah, and they’re made in the USA
sun mountain 2.5+ golf bag

What can you fit in the Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Bag?

How this bag functions and how it feels is going to be down more to what you put in it than the bag itself. The video shows that you can pack in everything you’d need for a round of golf. Personally, I think you’d be wise to limit the equipment that you carry when using this bag. As with all Sunday Golf Bags, alternating irons is a good idea. For example using just 4.6, and 8 irons. If you’ve never tried that, it’s worth a shot. When I have done this, I’ve found that I often play better golf as there’s only one iron to choose from and commit to.