If you’re looking for a golf rangefinder to help improve your scores, here’s a few things to help you choose the right one for your game.

Nikon and Bushnell used to dominate this market and they still produce great products, but now they have competition and that’s a good thing for golfers, because it helps keep the price down.

The Nikon Coolshot is THE classic rangefinder and the latest version is certainly a great piece of kit. Bushnell and Garmin have shaken up the market with their new Hybrid though and the lesser know companies are producing some great kit. TecTecTec and Precision Pro are companies who’s products catch the eye. You can’t ignore Leupold either.

So which one to choose?

These are my top three golf rangefinders

My Number one pick by a long way has to be the Garmin Approach Z80. In some circumstances a GPS is the best option, in others a laser rangefinder. This product gives you the best of both worlds. The Bushnell Hybrid provides something similar at a lower price point, but I’d choose the Garmin over it in a heartbeat. The price point will put many off, I get that, but this unit really is best in class.

Next is the Leupold GX 213 Rangefinder – in part, the features and price are a good match and also they have a great warranty.

I couldn’t leave the Nikon Coolshot out – it’s the iconic golf rangefinder.

Why I Picked the Garmin Z80 Golf Rangefinder with GPS.

I tried the Bushnell Hybrid last year when I played with a bloke who owned one and whilst the GPS allows you to see front/back of green distances and distance to hazards, it doesn’t give you any pictorial data. Frankly, for the money, that’s what’s missing, as is a slope feature.

The Garmin Z80 has no such issues and for me it’s the perfect rangefinder.

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