Golf Mats for Home use

Every golfer who wants to improve their game (don’t we all) will put in a few hours of practice every week. That’s either going to be at the range, or at home. There are a number of routines that you can practice without hitting a ball and they will help your game. But there’s nothing like hitting a ball and getting that feedback. That means hitting off a mat, either with lightweight practice balls or at a net or simulator screen. If you’re lucky and have land, then that’s the best situation of all.

The Best Golf Mats on the Market

My top recommendation has to be the Dura Pro Premium Golf Mat Click to check current deals on Amazon – is around 1/2 the price of the Real Feel mat and is made in the USA.  The company have been supplying golf hitting mats for 0ver 20 years and based on their product quality to price ratio, they have to be my choice.

A budget option is the Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Mat click here to see current deals on Amazon – which offers something a bit different but won’t suit everyone’s needs. There are three grades of “grass” on this mat so you can practice playing from different lies. It is a bit smaller and lighter than the other mats though so perfect for chipping practice and passable for all other shots.

If you want the ultimate in golf mats and don’t mind paying for it, then choose the Real Feel Country Club Elite Golf Mat click here to check current deals on Amazon. It costs more than I’d like, but you have to factor in that it’s better quality than anything else on the market and it’s not going to deteriorate like cheaper products do.

Why I picked the Dura Pro Golf practice mat.

First up, what not to buy. Do not be tempted by lower priced hitting mats. Your mat will take a lot of punishment if you’re hitting iron shots and the cheap mats just can’t handle it. They’ll move when you fat a shot, because they are too light. They’ll start to deteriorate quickly, sometimes after a couple of months of moderate use; and they tend to leave a residue on the bottom of your golf clubs. Get the real thing and you won’t be dissapointed.

  • They’ve been made in the USA by a family run company for over 20 years. As far as I’m concerned any home based company that supplies a quality product at a value for money price gets my vote.
  • There is a range of practice mats available to suit different requirements. The residential golf mat is their cheapest mat and I’d say that it is suitable for beginners but not for seasoned golfers who want to hit down on iron shots.
  • They have a commercial version of the mat and that is suitable for golfers who want to practice with irons a lot and simulate taking a divot.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and for use on hard surfaces.
  • Excellent feel and the mats absorb club shock which means you won’t damage your wrists.
  • Superb quality which means that the mats won’t de-laminate and will resist tears and fading.
  • Colour fast which means they don’t stain the bottom of your club heads.
  • Specifically made for golf, unlike cheaper mats that are really not fit for purpose.